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The Planet Driven Brands Podcast™ launched in April 2021 and is a collection of short stories discussing how sustainability and brands can, and should be compatible.

We are collecting a library of insight and thought leadership on the, sometimes complex, relationships between brands (and businesses) and the sustainability of the Planet.
Each podcast has its own journey, and as a collective we have a powerful story to tell for anyone interested in how we can all collaborate in building a more sustainable World.

Together we will learn from experts what has been achieved and what we should be striving for.
We are all on a journey and we believe 1 million small steps taken together is worth more than a few large steps taken individually.
The Planet Driven brands Podcast will investigate how we can achieve this.
For anyone wishing to join the journey, to study it or to build upon it, this is our small contribution, please enjoy.

We all have a responsibility to create a better world for the generations to come.
Do brands share this responsibility? Discuss!

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Our Episodes

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Episode 65: Kees Aarts, CEO & Founder @ Protix

Kees takes us into the world of insects and how we can harness this huge source of protein and energy to drive sustainable goals.

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Episode 64: Doug McNish, Executive Vegan Chef and Author

Doug is a tour-de-force in the world of vegan food. He is a leader with 4 books under his belt and positive views on eating healthy.

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Episode 63: Michael Spinelli, Co-Founder @ Nutriati

Michael has vast experience with food and drink innovation. He has harnessed this into his own sustainable ingredients business.

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Episode 62: Mark Driscoll, Founder @ Tasting The Future

Mark is an expert in sustainable and healthy food systems. Here he chats about what the Human race needs to do to get our act together!

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Episode 61: Lindsey McCoy, CEO Plaine Products

Lindsey uses the platform to advocate for global strategies against plastic waste and her leading role with her 'refill' cosmetics business.

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Episode 60: Kimberley Barfoot-Brace, Brand & Marketing Manager @ Barfoots

Kimberley takes us through a ride through sustainable vegetable farming and being a record breaking international athlete powered by plants.

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Show Hosts

Nic is the host, but will be completely reliant on the goodwill of others to join the debate. What are brands doing to help save the planet? We’ll hopefully be finding out!

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