3 key lessons from the Planet Driven Brands Podcast

3 key lessons from the Planet Driven Brands Podcast

It’s been a whirlwind, but here I am 26 pods (at time of writing!) broadcast and another 25 in the editing suite!
How did that happen? Easy to answer:
A pal or two suggested: ‘why don’t you do a podcast’ back in February…so I did 🙂
Admittedly, gingerly at first but now embracing it wholeheartedly.
What a great idea.

And it was also an idea that was the first thing I needed. What can I possible talk about?
Always go with your heart and mine told me to make a contribution in an area I care about.
Then it was easy; wouldn’t it be great to explore the role of brands (and businesses) in developing a more sustainable planet?
The Planet Driven Brands podcast was born and is hopefully here for a long time, standing as a library of thought leadership and great insights for the now and for the generations to come.
This is my fervent wish 🙂

It’s been amazing, but before I tackle the key lessons I need to thank so much each and every one of my guests; each one has been spectacular in giving me their time, their knowledge and most importantly their passion. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

So, what have we learned so far? Many, many things if truth be told but there is a theme or two that is running through every chat I have…
…and here are my 3 key lessons I have learnt to date from the Planet Driven Brands Podcast.
I’m sure over time these will flex and possibly change, but they stand out as stark messages for progress on sustainability for us all.

Lesson 1

We’re All In It Together!

I start every podcast with a similar question, in various forms, but essentially asks the guest to out line their thoughts on the responsibility that brands and businesses bear when it comes to the sustainability of the planet and although I’ve had all kinds of answers the general gist is very much the same and that it’s not just brands and businesses, but all of us that should be looking at how we tackle the problems that face us.

Yes, brands can lead and many do, but to be frank, they aren’t all doing it for altruism, they are doing it because the consumers want it. That said many new brands start from the premise that they are on a mission to save the planet, but for many older brands this is a different perspective; they have a lot of work to do from ages old systems, processes and equipment that need to be updated in order to bebe as sustainable as they can be. And this is another point that everyone has agreed on, that to do your very best is good enough because perfect doesn’t exist.

But we shouldn’t exonerate the consumer and allow then a free pass, because asking brands to do better and expecting them to carry the load just isn’t right or fair. The consumer has to be prepared to put in some hard yards themselves and take some steps, no matter how small.

Lesson 2

Keep It Simple – It’s all about Small Steps!

“No matter how small!”
It’s been mentioned, if not broadcast, in every chat and it’s a very positive outlook.

Each and every one of us can make a difference if we accept that we can and what my podders have all said is that yes we can expect our brands to do something and yes we can hope business and Government step up but actually we should all be doing our little bit, one step at a time.

The theme here is that 1 million small steps is far better than a few dozen big ones!
In advertising and PR terms the small steps method means that the coverage of people is far vaster and the frequency of the message is far greater.
This will build momentum.

We are in it together and each of us can take a small step – my contribution, I hope, is this podcast!

Lesson 3

Let’s Not Keep Bashing Plastic!

Bit controversial this one and a harder to sell and less positive message than the first two.
In ranking it just trumped ‘the sustainability subject matter is too big a subject to get your head around’ and ‘Greenwashing’.
But it this is a subject we need to face into.
As a heading it appears I’m being deliberately provocative, but it is true nevertheless that plastic has been a remarkable substance for humankind and I can’t brush it under the carpet because it’s offensive to say so (for some). It is an important insight.

The simple fact of the matter is that plastic is a seriously brilliant compound, the invention of which is a formidable advance in technology.
It has many uses, most of which aren’t ‘single use’.
It is clear that an ‘unreasoning compound’ isn’t the problem, it is the ‘reasoning beings’ who use it that are the cause of such terrible stories.
We can’t belittle genuine horror stories that our use of plastic has caused, but in the whole sustainability piece it’s a very small part.

However everyone agrees using plastic more responsibly is a great small step and if we all do it…

…I love it when a pod has some circularity!

And some other things!

I’ve had a some brilliant insights above and beyond these 3 and have learned a whole heap of stuff.

Here’s a few snippets:

  • Using the dishwasher uses less water than washing up (Thx Gauthier Boche)
  • We should all become Varietarians (Thx Dorothy Shaver)
  • In plant-based food we need to be wary of the ‘Frankenstein effect’ (Thx Robert Lawson)
  • Hemp is most incredibly sustainable product I know of right now (Thx Peter Miles)
  • Inclusivity and diversity is a non-competitive arena where people genuinely want to work together (Thx Bobi Carley)
  • Plan toys have been making wooden toys for 40 years and never cut down a tree (Thx Alain De Rauw)

About The Podcast

The planet driven brands podcast is a library of thought leadership on brands and their responsibility to the welfare of the planet.

We are about changing the world, one brand at a time. It may sound a little pretentious, but it is a real belief. We know brands have positive impacts on consumers and we want to bottle that!
We will highlight brands as drivers for change and the role they play as influencers.
This is a library of useful content for all to share. It’s our small contribution.

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Recruiting Thought Leaders

We want to attract the best guests to come and tell us how we can harness the power of brands to help us build a better planets for all – people, animals, plants, the oceans – you get the drift!
It may be a lofty aim; who knows, let’s find out.
If you’d like to come on the show, I’d love to hear from you

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