Episode 1: Paul House on Imagery!

Planet Driven Brands Podcast, Paul House on Imagery.

In order to get going on podcasting I needed to practice recording and editing and as part of this Paul agreed to join me in conversation.

I didn’t expect to get anything out of it as we rambled on about all kinds of rubbish, but when I played it back I found these couple of minutes and they are quite interesting!

So I’m putting this up for no reason other than Paul has a lot to say on media and communications, but surprisingly he also has a POV on imagery.

It’s also better for the fact that he ends the conversation by branding people as ‘Idiots’ – that’s the Paul we know best.

If you’d like to meet Paul digitally, here is his LinkedIn profile

The planet driven brands podcast is a library of thought leadership on brands and their responsibility to the welfare of the planet.

We are about changing the world, one brand at a time. It may sound a little pretentious but it is a real belief. We know brands have positive impacts on consumers and we want to bottle that!
We will highlight brands as drivers for change and the role they play as influencers.
This is a library of useful content for all to share. It’s our small contribution.

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About The Podcast

We want to attract the best guests to come and tell us how we can harness the power of brands to help us build a better planets for all – people, animals, plants, the oceans – you get the drift!
It may be a lofty aim; who knows, let’s find out.
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Nic has over 30 years experience with brands across agencies, consultancies and brand owners – here’s the LinkedIn profile!

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Thanks for listening to the Planet Driven Brands Podcast Paul House

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