Planet Driven Brands Podcast

Hosted ByNic Jones

Welcome to the Planet Driven Brands Podcast™, we really hope you enjoy our show. Essentially, we are about changing the world one brand at a time.

Episode 0: What is the Planet Driven Brands Podcast

“What is the Planet Driven Brands Podcast?”

Your host, Nic Jones, describes the planet driven brands podcast and what it’s about and what we aim to achieve together.

A short piece, and helpful if you’re intrigued. We will let you know our purpose and how we can deliver it, with your help

The whole project is incredibly exciting for us and our partners and we can’t wait to bring you the ‘real’ episodes and demonstrate how we as The Planets Agency can help brands change themselves and their purpose to something more meaningful for them and their stakeholders. We are going to  change the world one brand at a time, but can’t do that on our own.

None of us is perfect, but making small steps is part of the journey we all MUST go on. We will help with that journey.

We want to attract the best guests to come and tell us how we can harness the power of brands to help us build a better planets for all – people, animals, plants, the oceans – you get the drift! It may be a lofty aim; who knows, let’s find out.

The script for this show will appear in the BLOG area of the website HERE

Nic has over 30 years experience with brands in many guises across agencies, consultancies and brand owners – here’s the LinkedIn profile!

This is the first time he has attempted a podcast and so this introduction, ‘what is the planet driven brands podcast’ is great experience and furthermore, it was also great practice for Nic as he learned how to use his podcast software!

Here’s the RSS feed for the podcast should you wish to copy it!

If you have any comments please get in touch. The same goes if you want to come and chat to us and be a star of our show 🙂

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