Planet Driven Brands Podcast

Welcome to the Planet Driven Brands Podcast™, we really hope you enjoy our show. Essentially, we are about changing the world one brand at a time.

Hosted ByNic Jones

Welcome to the Planet Driven Brands Podcast™, we really hope you enjoy our show.

We are about changing the world, one brand at a time.

It may sound a little pretentious but it is a real belief. We know brands have positive impacts on consumers and we want to bottle that!

We will highlight brands as drivers for change and the role they play as influencers.

Planet Driven Brands™ will have a better purpose, a better reason-to-be, that will impact positively on the world in which we live.

Planet Driven Brands™ are simply ‘out of this world’ – and so is this Podcast!

We will be talking to brand owners, their agencies and influencers to give us their perspective on the planet and their impact on it.

It will challenge us all to do better, to BE better!

Our aim is to get both sides of the story, and to be as impartial as we can, but our aim is the recovery of the Planet and so it should be for everyone!

The guests who have agreed to talk to us are very exciting and as soon as we can share their names, we will.


The Planet Driven Brands Podcast™ is the brainchild of Nic Jones and will be in partnership with The Planets Agency.

TPA is a partnership of consultants and communications experts. We build ‘Planet Driven’ brands.

We’ll be hearing from some of those experts during this series. We will give you the chance to question them and their beliefs

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All Episodes

Episode 65: Kees Aarts, CEO & Founder @ Protix

Kees takes us into the world of insects and how we can harness this huge source of protein and energy to drive sustainable goals.

Episode 64: Doug McNish, Executive Vegan Chef and Author

Doug is a tour-de-force in the world of vegan food. He is a leader with 4 books under his belt and positive views on eating healthy.

Episode 63: Michael Spinelli, Co-Founder @ Nutriati

Michael has vast experience with food and drink innovation. He has harnessed this into his own sustainable ingredients business.

Episode 62: Mark Driscoll, Founder @ Tasting The Future

Mark is an expert in sustainable and healthy food systems. Here he chats about what the Human race needs to do to get our act together!

Episode 61: Lindsey McCoy, CEO Plaine Products

Lindsey uses the platform to advocate for global strategies against plastic waste and her leading role with her ‘refill’ cosmetics business.

Episode 60: Kimberley Barfoot-Brace, Brand & Marketing Manager @ Barfoots

Kimberley takes us through a ride through sustainable vegetable farming and being a record breaking international athlete powered by plants.

Episode 59: Ash Farber, Development Coordinator @ CLIPOP

Ash describes the journey to CLIPOP (Climate Positive Planet) and explains how all businesses can engage. He also tells a compelling story about COP 26

Episode 58: Kory Zelickson, CEO & Co-Founder @ Vejii

Kory describes his passion for growing the vegan and sustainability movement globally, through his e-commerce platform, Vejii.

Episode 57: Marcel De Berg, Co-Founder @ Green Water Cools

Marcel explains how Re-Forestation is crucial to the cooling of our planet and how we should set about achieving it; Everywhere!

Episode 56: Giles Atwell, Co-Founder @ Russell & Atwell Chocolatiers

Giles is a founder of a chocolatier. His entrepreneurial spirit is wrapped up into a sustainable mission. Its a fascinating combination. Listen to how Giles says he is not too sustainable and then describes how this isn’t the case!!

Episode 55: Richard Steel & Jake Sargent, Founders @ ModelShopper

Richard and Jake are on a journey into sustainable shopping! That is, they expect brands and consumers to co-exist in a sustainable manner within the retail space.

Episode 54: Michele Simon, Truth-Teller and Professional Trouble-Maker!

Michele is a leader in the global plant-based movement. Hear how she established the PBFA in the USA and her thoughts on ‘vegan hubris’! It’s a challenge but extraordinarily honest account of where the ‘movement’ really is!

Episode 53: Sandra Pickering, Founder, CEO, NED

Sandra is a innovator and pioneer. Here she discusses purpose and storytelling and their link to sustainability and how we should all strive to make an impact

Episode 52: Rosamund Heathcote, Founder @ Borough Broth Co.

Hear what Ros says and revel in how she was able to build a sustainable business from juts a few bones and a recipe!
It may be against the grain for many but Ros passionately defends organic agriculture. Agree or not, you should listen with an open mind!

Episode 51: Andrea Canepa, Co-Founder @ Eutopia

Andrea Canepa gives us a first hand description of Eutopia, an insight into why it is so crucial and how it is helping drive green innovation

Episode 50: Nic Jones + Guests & Contributors @ The Planet Driven Brands Podcast

I never thought we’d get to 50n pods. Now I’m looking forward to the next 50. Here is a highglight reel, with me chatting and my guests intervening with some enlightening clips!

Episode 49: Toni Vernelli, International Head of Marketing @ Veganuary

Toni explains the story behind the incredible brand and movement that is Veganuary!

Episode 48: James McInnes, Co-Founder & CEO @ Odd Burger

James reveals the key drivers of the growing success of Odd Burger, Canada’s first plant-based burger joint! We get an insight into James and his quest to create a more sustainable planet.

Episode 47: Shannon Falconer, CEO @ Because Animals

Cultured meat is a divisive subject for many, but Shannon’s message is pretty simple, as she says: “Cultured meat is meat. It is not a meat alternative; what cultured meat is, it is a type of meat made in an alternative way!”

Episode 46: Dr Carys Bennett, Senior Corporate Liaison @ PETA

Carys combines her powerful advocacy of animal rights with helping sustainable businesses. Animals have a special place in this world and Carys explains how we can stop exploiting them and move to an animal cruelty free world.

Episode 45: Sharon Brunt, Chief Brand Activist & Founder @ Be More Girl

Sharon describes her passion for purpose and how it links to sustainability through a woman’s lens

Episode 44: COP 26 Special. James Levelle, Filmmaker & Adventurer

To shine a light on the importance of COP26, James tells his epic adventure story from the previous COP, whereby he set off for Santiago in Chile to tell the climate stories of the young people of the Planet. It didn’t exactly go to plan…

Episode 43: Kati Ohens, CEO & Founder @ Plantcraft

Kati describes her unique story and how she went from digital entrepreneur to plant-based food start-up. Its a fascinating journey and has lead to a brand mission which no-one can argue with.

Episode 42: Euan Jarvie, EMEA President @ IRI Worldwide

Euan has over 30 years leading client service agencies. No-one understands better how societal and cultural shifts are required and the role this industry can play. However he warns that this is not an easy shift for anyone. A must listen if you’re a fan of “Contribution not commentary”.

Episode 41: Jason Gibb, Founder @ Bread & Jam

Jason is on a mission to help people. His story of how he got to start and run the Bread & Jam food & drink festival, is fascinating. From Tv producer to olive oil producer and onwards…it’s a great story and one told through the lens of how he is helping the Planet!

Episode 40: Zoe Binning, Welsh Wedding Consultant & Co-Founder @ Wild Roots Kitchen

Zoe talks about how weddings need to move from single-use to a more sustainable model and how she has set up a plan-based kitchen to help move the service industry in this direction.

Episode 39: Jim Holland, Co-Founder & CEO @ Rewards.Earth

Jim describes how he is building a sustainable rewards programme, saving the planet one tree at a time!

Episode 38: Brad Vanstone, Founder @ Willicroft

Brad discusses the art of developing Plant-Based cheese and how his methods are steeped in the traditions old methods learned growing up on a dairy farm. Furthermore he describes how his business has taken on a remarkable CEO – Mother Earth!

Episode 37: Jane Asscher, CEO & Founding Partner @ 23Red

Jane is a pioneer of purpose led, sustainable agencies having started 23REd over 20 years ago. Here she takes us through her story and how times have changed. Some brands have led, but others have dragged their heals, either way we need to face the reality of where we are now.

Episode 36: Emeline Fellus, FReSH Director @ World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Emeline is a global leader in sustainable diets. Here she describes how we need systemic change to help the planet and it’s population and to change our eating habits.