Episode 12: Pascal Hegglin, Co-Founder UK @ The Consumer Brand

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Pascal Hegglin. Pascal is the Co-Founder in the UK of The Consumer Brand which has a fascinating story of how we can engage with the consumer to create great products which are fair to producers and kind to the planet. Here Pascal explains the ethos and machinations involved in building a…

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Episode 8: Brett Goldhawk, Managing Director @ Ziggurat Brands

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Brett Goldhawk Brett is a global brand and innovation specialist, who also happens to lead Ziggurat brands, an innovative brand and design agency. Brett is a seasoned ‘Clubhouse’ leader, and has had many discussions on the subject of sustainability alongside what he prefers to call ‘re-generation’ Here Brett takes us on…

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Episode 5: Jonny Easter @ Warner’s Distillery

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Jonny Easter. Jonny is the Conservation and Sustainability Manager at Warner’s Distillery and is responsible for generating great flavoured gin. In this episode we discuss the amazing world of sustainable farming which contributes to the growing and harvesting of flavour. Jonny is passionate about the environment and whilst also imparting great…

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