Episode 50: Nic Jones + Guests & Contributors @ The Planet Driven Brands Podcast

I never thought we’d get to 50n pods. Now I’m looking forward to the next 50. Here is a highglight reel, with me chatting and my guests intervening with some enlightening clips!

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Episode 28: Che Green, Co-Founder @ The Moonshot Collaborative

Che is a consumer insights guru and here he gives us the benefit of his huge experience with people and brands. As he says: “Absolutely the responsibility is on brands to move in a more sustainable direction, but many of them are not going to do that without the consumer impetus there, and the consumer sentiment being behind these changes.”

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Episode 25: Andrew Ely @ Ely Advisory Services

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Andrew Ely. Andrew has over 5 years experience with the sales and marketing of plant-based brands into UK and EU retail. He spent most of that time bringing Green & Gold to the UK, establishing and growing it – it also explains his passion for oats! Andrew shares his wisdom with…

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