Episode 12: Pascal Hegglin, Co-Founder UK @ The Consumer Brand

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Pascal Hegglin. Pascal is the Co-Founder in the UK of The Consumer Brand which has a fascinating story of how we can engage with the consumer to create great products which are fair to producers and kind to the planet. Here Pascal explains the ethos and machinations involved in building a…

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Episode 10: Isabel Lydall, Founder @ Curiosity & Clarity

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Isabel Lydall Isabel is a consumer insights and branding specialist who runs her own consultancy, Curiosity & Clarity, which is not only a brilliant name but encompasses Isabel’s brilliant mind into delivering direction to her clients Isabel takes us on a journey through a cornucopia of topics surrounding responsibilities of not…

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Episode 2 Pt1: Robert Lawson @ Food Strategy Associates

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Robert Lawson Pt1 Robert is the managing Partner of Food Strategy Associates and in this episode we discuss the business of Plant-Based Foods. Robert has extensive knowledge and very interesting thoughts on the business of Plant-Based. Here, in Planet Driven Brands Podcast Robert Lawson Part1, he shares his wisdom with us….

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