Creative production

Episode 9: Jo Coombes, Project Director @ AdGreen

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Jo Coombes Jo is the project Director of AdGreen which helps both agencies and clients achieve sustainability in their creative production endeavours. As they say on the website: “At AdGreen we unite the advertising industry to eliminate the negative environmental impacts of production”. Jo takes us through the journey she has…

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Episode 7: Tina Fegent, Marketing Procurement Consultant

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Tina Fegent Tina is the founder of a consultancy in her own name and has dedicated herself to helping both agencies and clients achieve value in their creative endeavours. Part of that responsibility is to hold us to account for our claims to be sustainable. In this episode we discuss how…

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Episode 4: Olaf Van Gerwen Global Creative Director (Food Advertising) @ Chuck Studios

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Olaf van Gerwen. Olaf is the (food advertising) Global Creative Director at Chuck Studios In this episode we discuss the fascinating world of advertising production alongside Olaf’s own view of the branding of food. We cover the key aspect of sustainability in production, the portrayal of food within ads and Olaf…

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