food waste

Episode 65: Kees Aarts, CEO & Founder @ Protix

Kees takes us into the world of insects and how we can harness this huge source of protein and energy to drive sustainable goals.

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Episode 29: Belal Habib, Head of Global Brand Owner Collaboration @ Siegwerk

Belal Habib chats to the Planet’s Agency about Circularity withinb the packaging industry. As he says: “Let’s put our hands up and not blame just one particular industry for this issue that we’re in. We’re all in it together!”

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Episode 19: Glenn Goodwin, Founder & Creative Director @

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Glenn Goodwin. Glenn is an experienced creative director and a keen advocate of the need to reduce waste. His journey has taken him through designing packaging for big brands, onto producing for ‘voice of Science’ Facing Future.TV and then, after delving into the bins at the back of supermarkets, he has…

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