Episode 51: Andrea Canepa, Co-Founder @ Eutopia

Andrea Canepa gives us a first hand description of Eutopia, an insight into why it is so crucial and how it is helping drive green innovation

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Episode 27: Sarah Luiz, Founder of Positive Impact Entrepreneurs

Sarah Luiz discusses the systemic changes needed to build better, more innovative businesses and rallies around our need to tackle waste.

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Episode 8: Brett Goldhawk, Managing Director @ Ziggurat Brands

Planet Driven Brands Podcast Brett Goldhawk Brett is a global brand and innovation specialist, who also happens to lead Ziggurat brands, an innovative brand and design agency. Brett is a seasoned ‘Clubhouse’ leader, and has had many discussions on the subject of sustainability alongside what he prefers to call ‘re-generation’ Here Brett takes us on…

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